My name is Charles Pashler and I will write for you!

Hi, my name is Charles Pashler and I am a freelance blog and article writer.

If you want content that will make your website snap, crackle and pop then I'm your man.

With over 3,000 articles written in the last 10 years I've been able to master the art of writing the kind of articles that my clients need to capture the attention of their visitors.

If you would like to hire me to write articlesthen please fill out the form on the left.

Or you can call me on (810) 234-2398

I charge $0.02 per word so a 1,000 word article from me will cost you a mere $20.

I look forward to writing for you!

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What I do!

I write content that your visitors will love!

I have written up to 40,000 words in one day. I can research a topic and write about it very quickly so you won't be waiting around long.

I provide unlimited rewrites until you are happy with the article. 99% of my clients are happy first time.

Proof Reading

I also spend a lot of time proof reading articles that have already been written to make sure they are top quality.

If a piece of content is full of mistakes it can make or break the user experience for your visitors.

Below are some of the types of articles that I have proof read and co-written.

Clients Reviews

What people are saying about me..

Great writer

Charles Pashler is my go to man when I want something special written! He recently wrote and amazing post for me that is doing great with my visitors.

Mannie Smith

My Pashler is the best writer

I am very impressed with the article that Mr Pashler is writing for me. Thank you.


Charles writes great content!

As a developer I need content to promote my business and get people to my website. Charles didn't really know anything about coding and developing to begin with but he somehow writes amazing articles on the subject!

Peter West

Don’t know how Pashler does it

Some how Mr Pashler manages t odeliver content within 48 hours no matter what I ask for. I mean the latest article on the bathmate he wrote was over 10,000 words!


Hire him

If you need a good write then hire Pashler!



Charles Pashler wrote some much needed content for my blog which has boosted the traffic.

Pete B

Would recommend

With over 100 articles purchased from Charles it's fair to say I'm happy!


Great proof reader

Charles proof read a 20,000 word document for me and did a great job! I even put some mistakes in there on purpose to see if he would catch them and he did.

Definitely hire him!

Mr Green


Charles did a fantastic job writing for my website!


Wonderful writer

No matter how hard I try I can never find a spelling mistake in his work. Great stuff.


Where have you been Charles Pashler?

I wish I had found you years ago!


He can write about anything.

The thing that amazes me about Charles is that he can write about anything and seem like an expert.


The prices are amazing

I would say that Mr Pashler should charge more but I'm happy with the prices so please don't charge more! Charles wrote my latest Hydromax post that was several thousand words and it getting a good amount of attention!


Excellent Writer Mr Pashler

If I could write like Charles Pashler then I would have written my but I can't so I got him to write it. He is the best.


Recommend Pashler

I wish I could write like Mr Pashler!


I’m in awe

I am in awe of Charles Pashlers writing. The new vigrx plus site he wrote for is doing great.


very Happy

The thing I like about Charles is that he writes amazingly and delivers quickly. The last article was 2,000 words and delivered within 24 hours.


Please never leave us Pashler!

Whenever I need some new content I go straight to Charles Pashler!


I recommend pashler

I don't know what I would do with Pashler writing my articles for me!


Such a good writer

Every time he delivers the content I am happy!

Alex S

Pashler writes like a pro

I needed some extra content and Pashler did some great work.


Found myself a great writer

It feels fantastic to have found myself a writer who I can rely on to provide excellent content.

Mr Pashler was able to writecontent which has gotten a fair amount of readers and they seem to like it.


Hire Pashler

I have used a lot of writers and Mr Pashler is the best of them all. He's a great writer so hire him!